Sunday, November 21, 2010

Matts' joke on the radio

In the second clip this shows the family listening to the excerpt from the show where Matt tells his joke as part of the show. You can listen to Matt and Archie on Diversity Radio every Saturday morning at 1030 online here.

Matt on the radio - interviewing his head teacher

A great moment as the family sit around the table listening to Matt interview his head teacher Mrs Gee as part of his firt appearance on 'Archie and Friends' in his parnership radio channel with 5 yo Archie Stride. Their show goes out every Saturday morning at 1030 for the next few weeks on Diversity Radio and can be heard on line.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dad weekend....

Corn beef hash for tea, originally uploaded by Phil Haygarth.

Anne has been away in Bath this weekend so it was me and the children. Here are some snaps, which included 'Dad' dinners (corn beef hash, sausages), Rugby, swimming, turbo training whilst H and A coaches me indoors, attending birthday parties, writing thank you notes, cleaning here

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Angus's 8th Birthday Party

Angus's 8th Birthday Party, originally uploaded by Phil Haygarth.

A busy and fulfilling day today for Angus, with a belated football party at Capenwray Hall, refereed by big boy Freddie and Uncle Campbell, joined also by Grandma, cousins Greig and Laura & culminating in some sparklers in the garden in the evening. A bunch of pictures can be viewed here...