Monday, March 05, 2012

Weekend in Scotland - Ben More and The Cobbler

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This weekend I joined my brother Dave and Cousin Adrian and friends for our annual 'boys' trip top the mountains - this time for the first time we went north of the border to the high hills. We stayed in a great hotel in Tarbet (Loch Lomand) and on the Saturday managed an ascent of Ben More - a great success especially for Adrian and I who first time around (ca 1990) failed to summit because of the weather. A source of irritation combined with amusement was that I dropped my camera into a burn on the approach and had to strip naked to retrieve it from the deep and icy torrent (much to the amusement and photographic opportunism of my 'mates'!). The Ben More route plan can be viewed here. On the Sunday the weather for the Cobbler was better. As ever, a terrific weekend, even though I lost my camera and my modesty! Roll on next year.

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A fine summary Phil..