Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Moving in

  by Phil Haygarth
photo by Phil Haygarth on Flickr.
We moved in yesterday.

It is always amazing how much 4 blokes can shift if they get their act together. Apart from my personal delight and gratitude of getting the job done, for me it was actually a good laugh, with plenty of amusing banter from my fellow helpers, Dave, Chris and Andy (plus the utterly pro John Edge).   Poor Chris had a rather unfortunate Laurel and Hardy incident when moving the piano, but all turned out ok.  I must admit, my normally sedentary upper body is quite sore today. The first night passed off without any hitches but it was pretty nippy - the damn boiler ran out of oil (argh).

 Good times. Hopefully I won't be moving now for a long time.  Thanks to all.

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