Saturday, January 04, 2014

Season's Greetings from the Haygarths

, originally uploaded by Phil Haygarth.

This year we have not sent Christmas cards instead we have given a donation to some charities (Philippines, St. John's Hospice, Homeless in Lancaster).  The picture was taken a few days ago on New Years Eve on a Caving trip to White Scar Caves.

We are all fine, here are some updates from 2013:

- Anne turned 50 and twelve of the family went to Ile de Re to celebrate.  She is a busy Mum and Hospice Nurse.

- Phil's year was dominated by a nasty cycling accident, which resulted in surgery for a mangled collar bone, things are now much better but he still requires further surgery.

- Helen is 8 growing tall, enjoying the flute and piano. She still loves her ballet and is now a seconder in brownies, she also is a member of the running club and a promising young fell runner

- Angus turned 11 and achieved grade 1 in his trumpet and is in his last year at primary school.  He enjoys his cycling, rugby and running and is keen to be a farmer.

Matt is now 13 and went to Canada in July, to carry bags and support the injured Dad on a work trip (every cloud......), he continues to do well at school (he moved to QES from LRGS in January), he loves his rugby and his team won the Cumbria cup.

We wish you health and happiness for 2014, if you want to come and visit we would love to see you at our home in Docker on the Cumbria Lancashire border.  Please keep upto date with the family blog at (now in its 9th year!) or follow Anne on Facebook and Phil on Twitter @philhaygarth

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