Monday, April 21, 2014

Big Family Gathering: Adrian and Dee's 50th

This weekend we had 19 people passing through our home, with 15 of them staying overnight on the Saturday! We were brought together because we hosted Adrian (my cousin) and Dee's joint 50th birthday, which included a coming together of other cousins, including Katie and Shay (recently wedded) and Jenny, NZ via London. A great day, eating, drinking, tree climbing, target Nerf shooting, singing, jamming, was spoiled by Dave (re-)dislocating his shoulder whilst throwing a rugby ball, but nothing but a brief trip to casualty and a dose of morphine couldn't put right, and he was soon back on chirpy form. We had a pleasant walk up to Dalton Crags through the limestone pavements. Marking time, happy days. Untitled Here is a link to the set of photos I took during the visit, Dave and Adrian also have some good ones.

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margaret haygarth said...

Memories are made of this!

What a fantastic day. Lovely to see everyone.

Thanks, Phil and Anne for wonderful hospitality'

Love Mum xx